Improve Your Credit Scores with New Rise Credit

 New Rise Credit’s restoration program will help you raise your credit scores, and improve your overall credit rating plus show you how to get new credit cards even with bad credit as well as removing negative credit legally.

Improving Your Credit Score

We’re living proof that you can remove negative credit and helping hundreds raising their credit scores.  Our credit education manual gives you the knowledge to improve and fix your bad credit.

Raising Good Credit

Our knowledge and power of credit laws will improve your chances to raise good credit. Disputing with credit bureaus can be tedious, but we’re here to help!  

Restoring Credit

We will assist you in legally removing negative items from your credit, fixing bad credit and overall improving your credit score.

New Rise Credit Removes 

  • Tax Liens
  • Short Sales
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payments
  • Judgments
  • Collections
  • Chargeoffs
  • Repossessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Improve My Own Credit Scores?
Absolutely! Although we have perfected an effective disputing assistance program we also provide you a free self help guide to help you determine what you can do on your own. We will even advise you to do so if we feel it is in your best interest. Our program is most often utilized by those needing more extensive credit repair and rebuilding of credit, those lacking the time or skill required to build an administrative case where legal action might result. A simply phone call will give you a free consultation.
Is It Legal To Remove Bad Credit?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to question inaccurate, outdated, misinformation and unverified accounts. Congress and our Courts continue to support accurate credit reporting and have furthered consumer credit rights. It is our goal to educate consumers as to their credit rights, fair and accurate credit reporting and credit repair.
Will This Improve My Credit Scores?
Yes! Removing negative credit is one half of the battle. We will assist you in contacting creditors to document what they have reported about you. This means that the credit information can be verified with the source. If the creditor is unwilling, unable, or unavailable to verify that a credit item is accurate and timely, they must remove the credit information.
Can credit repair hurt my scores?
No! Your credit must be accurate according to the law. This means 100% free of error. The credit information must in no way be unclear, ambiguous, untimely, incomplete, or misleading. Although some credit reporting may be technically accurate, it may not be truly accurate based on circumstances as seen in many court rulings.
How Long Does Credit Repair Take?
Improving your credit and credit scores typically takes six months or more (although we have had numerous cases where this occurred sooner and some which took longer). It will improve when negative credit items are removed, but it also requires the continuing use and management of credit. Our credit education manual goes into detail on how to achieve both. Results vary case by case.

Fix Bad Credit Today!
Download our free tips to raise your credit score, remove negative credit, and rebuild new credit.

Contact New Rise Credit and We Will

  • Raise your credit scores.
  • Establish new credit if you have none or poor credit.
  • Remove negative credit that is lowering your scores.
  • Learn how to rebuild your credit.